Embracing the Peace Within

A reblog from my previous post, it is prevalent for such a time as this.

Peaceful Journey Mindset Strategies


Oftentimes I’m told I am an encourager because I have the tendency to see the world frompositive perspectives, and I strive to get others to do so too. This isby choice. If you’ve followed my writings, you will realize I have an idealistic approach to society, but I am realistic.

I have a keen sense of awareness of world events and the devastations around the world. But, with so much emphasis on the prevalence of the calamities,I choose not to give too much energy and focus on those things.

Obviously, the world is not calm, the world does not stand still. It’s up to you toembrace peace. Choose to find solace in knowing peace is not external. Peace is quiet and still, it’s internal. You can live in a world of chaos and have peace within because peace is a state of mind.

One of my favorite quotes is from…

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