It’s Monday, So What?


“It’s Monday,” a co-worker said.

“How was your weekend?,” she asked.

“It was nice, all my weekends are nice,” I replied.

I do not have bad Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,

and Thursdays either. Haven’t had them in years.

The reason why?

I’ve learned not to view my experiences according to

a particular day. 

A “not so” pleasant day can occur any day of the week,

 it does not define day nor control my temperament.

It’s only an experience.

So, how is your day going?

My Monday is fine.

I hope the same for you.

Enjoy a week filled with love, peace, and happiness.

This is Your Moment – Capture it Now


Our moments are for now, not for some other opportunity, but now.”

Our moments are not to be taken for granted but appreciated “now.”

Our moments are meant for happiness- now to lament over past regrets but to experience happiness “now.”

Our moments are to live life of fulfillment- not to wait for some other time but fulfillment for “now.”

If we understand what our moments mean, we would realize the significance of our life and others.

If we understand what our moments mean, we would see life with more appreciation. 

If we understand what our moments mean, we would live and love unconditionally.

If we understand what our moments mean, we would dream less…and embrace our realities.

In our loss… we recognize the value of what have lost.

In our sorrows…. we recognize the importance of joy.

In our difficulties… we understand success.

In our hind-sight, we appreciate the value of our now.

So, embrace each day as if it is your last.

Embrace each experience as opportunities to learn.

Embrace each person as an extension of you.

Embrace each breathe as a last breath of life.

Embrace each moment as a gift.

Be present. This is your moment, it’s now!


Come Alive Dry Bones!


dry bones

In this desolate place, hot, dry,

and without water,

the desert provides no nourishment

and offers no vitality.

Dead men walking with no life are useless.

Hear the clarion cry,

wake up, live!

Connect your bones to the body,

Connect your bones to the earth,

Connect yourself to all inhabitants!

Come together and reason together!

Live, dry bones live!

Breathe new life,

not death.

Receive new hope,

Receive the breath of life.

Shake off your malice!

Shake off your strife!

Receive the living water of life.

These dry bones can live,

even in a desert

or in the midst of desolation.

Open your cistern,

allow the balm of Gilead

to heal you.

Be healed!

Come alive!


Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge (Desert) – Inspiration Ezekiel 37:1-14

Take the High Road


Disclaimer: I am an idealist by proclamation, but don’ let that mislead you to think I’m not in touch with reality.  I seek the good over the bad. I rather look for the positive instead of the negative. When I see obstacles, I seek ways to adapt and overcome them instead of remain in them. I rather be happy than sad anytime. I am an encourager, not a discourager. I uplift instead of tear down. I won’t join your pity party, but I’ll invite you to my upbeat party.  I see hope, not an impossibility. I am on a peaceful journey, not a downtrodden journey. This is a stress-free zone. It is a no parking zone for unloading anger, hatred, or bitterness.  This blog zone is taking the high road.  If you are looking for the low road, it’s to the right.

The Green-Eyed Monster

green eyed monster


Have you watched someone you love

life slowly drift away?

Have you tried to give them hope,

but you were the one feeling helpless?

Have you watched the spark in their eyes

slowly grow dim?

Have you witnessed their vulnerability

as they mustered enough courage to hold on to

their dignity? `

Have you watched them grown weak

after always being strength to others?

Have you ever watched someone full of faith,

encourager, and a spiritual advisor to others

become challenged by the same faith they


Have you ever told them you’re praying for them,

but you were also praying for yourself to help you

through, too?

Has someone ever told you their child asked “if

you leave me who’ll be my mother or father?”

Then, as you watched the tears roll down their


you sat quietly and cried inside, too?

Have you ever wanted to just get away

because you didn’t want to see their face?

You knew if you could get away, then

you wouldn’t have to look into the face of death.`

Cancer is a green-eyed heartless monster.

Have you ever had questions like why, why them,

or why anyone…but you knew despite everything

it was in God’s hand?

Have you ever admitted to yourself I’m angry…

I’m angry because I can’t do anything

to make things change?

But, you knew without conviction, you’re

angry because cancer is a cowardly monster

looking for others to pick on.