Remove the Layers


Life is like a warm blanket wrap around a baby. From infancy until you become an adult, many expectations and preconceived notions of who are and what you should become are layers placed on you. Your parents are the first to layer you with expectations, family, and friends are among those who add additional layers. You then find yourself bombarded with expectations to comply to rather than conforming to your true identity.

Some of these layers are include questions and expectations such as: Where are you going to school? What do you want to be when you grow up? When are you getting married? When are you starting a family? These pressing questions may lead one to believe he or she must succumb to meeting the demands, therefore, therefore, he or she adds additional layers to meet such demands.

As one continues his or her journey, the journey continues, one may find himself or herself on the road to self-reflection and discover he or she has embraced an identity which does not reflect one’s authentic self. The reason is one have conformed to layers placed by societal expectations.

When one reaches this self-realization, like a baby wrapped in a warm blanket, he or she is no longer comfortable until some of the layers are removed. This is also considered the renewing of the mind.

The process of renewing the mind begins the process of reaching the inner core of one’s authentic self.

If we progress to this place, this is a good place- unless one returns to the original plan for his or her life, he or she will experience a void and sense of incompletion. The removal of layers process is necessary; otherwise, the desire to reach a place of refuge within will continue.

The old adage, “I feel comfortable in my skin,” is a place one can reach. It requires the renewing of the mind, but we all can get there.

The Journey



You only get one life,

why not make your destination worth it?

Life is really a journey,

but the journey is more than a place.

Life’s journey is a state of being,

it’s worth it to spend it wisely.

Your life is really what you create.

It really is what  you make it.

On this journey called life,

if you desire peace and calm,

be the peace and calm you desire.

Find ways to live your life in the midst of storms.

A calm heart in the midst of chaos

can calm a weary or lost soul.

If it’s joy you desire,

give joy to others, just try.

Remember, what you sow really comes back to you,

this is a principle of sowing that’s tried and true.

You’re more in control of your life than you know.

Your journey depends on you,

and it’s about the way you see things.

How you see life makes the difference in your success or failure.

If you see yourself as a victim

you’re walking a path of hopelessness..

If you see yourself victorious

you’re walking a path to success.

See yourself as you desire,

see the result you want and not the things you dread.

Remember your journey is a state of being,

and you have only one life to live-

consider the way you see things,

see your journey worth living.


Life is More Than a Smooth Ride

Growing up as a youth, like many youths, I thought becoming an adult was the ultimate thing to do. After all, you get to do what you wanted to do, I thought.

Well, not quite, life is not without resistance as my naive mind supposed.  As a teen, you’re viewing the world from different perspectives. According to my young perspective, I did not figure in a lot of things most adults already knew.

Living a sheltered life as a youth, I was not one to cause a lot of problems. Parenting was different than now,  I find partly because many teens of my era did not want to face the consequences of discipline.

Admittedly, most of my rebellion started in my mid-twenties. In other words, finally I could make independent decisions. Some of my choices as an young adult were good and others were not. It was not until my adult years I began to learn life is more than a smooth ride.

Fortunately, I didn’t sow my wild oats in alcohol, drugs, partying, and things of that nature.  My challenges were making costly decisions. I’m not referring to monetary cost although I’ve had plenty challenges and lessons to learn about finances, too.  One thing I’ve learned, a challenge is a challenge regardless of its intensity or dilemma.

On my journey, I wouldn’t change my path or course because each step has become the making of me. If everything was smooth and easy for me, I’m not sure if I would possess the wisdom I have now.

How could I or anyone encourage others without ever having any challenges? How could I convince others the sun will shine after dark days without knowing it will?

If you’re experiencing bumpy rides, hold on. If you’re experiencing smooth ones, brace yourself. Life is full of twists and turns.

Make sure whatever path you take, you’re in to endure the ride of your life.


A Tribute for the Graduates



Graduation from high school

and college is no small feat.

Transitioning from twelve years

of education to adulthood

or to four or more years

of college is a journey.

For those like me,

who returned to college

later in years,

this is commendable

and requires will-power as well.

During the educational journey

there are many

expectations to consider

and goals to achieve.

So, once a graduate,

it’s a great accomplishment. 

The persistence should not

be taken for granted.

To all graduates,


Still, it’s only the beginning

of a new chapter in life….

the saga continues…

Life journey

The Destination



Always galloping trying to reach the destination.

Often turning corners attempting to make the journey at ease,

stepping high, taking quick strides, and speed trotting-

But it seems at times moving forward is like moving backwards,

and gaining speed is moving too slow.

Always aiming to get there, trying to get it right,

thinking limiting all the wrongs would work-

but whether it’s all in stride, running free, or lagging behind-

keeping it moving and aiming for the end

 the destination is always a few miles away-

getting there is the race.

`Yvonne Lott

Endless Journey


An endless journey from the Creator

of the universe to the womb,

from the womb, to the road

of endless possibilities,

orchestrated by the ONE

who sent you on your way…


A journey which leads to many

challenges,obstacles, constructions,

detours, twists, and turns.

Sometimes you will travel too fast,

or you’re going too slow.


There are mountains,

valleys,and hills along the way.

Sometimes you may fall low on fuel,

and times you’ll find

you need to refuel.

ROAD 4.jpg

There are times to pull over to check your view,

access where you have been,

or check where you are headed.

In this journey called life,

you’ll meet others along the way,

some will travel beside you, some will stay behind,

others will pass by you.


There are times you will travel one way

or need to take another route.

Some will cross your path to provide guidance,

and some are your path to lead you astray.


Those are the times

you will need to yield;

allow others to go around you

and travel on their way.


In this journey of life,

you MUST stay connected

to the ONE who sent you.

When you arrive to your destination,

if you’re reunited,and back on the right path

despite the roads traveled,

the trip was well-worth it.