Seeing Beyond the Glimmer



Years ago, around Christmastime, I was traveling in

a neighborhood not necessarily looking for homes decorated

with Christmas lights, but I did notice the lights. One house stood out

because it was outlined with lights around the structure of the home

and other decorative lights in the yard. This house had more lights

than the norm.


After looking for awhile, I looked up on the roof top and saw a cross.

This thought occurred, if I had not looked up and saw the cross,

I would have missed the cross. Even more so,  the thought occurred,

this is how it is at Christmastime. There’s often much hype around

the season others do not take time to reflect or honor the

significance of the season.


Whether you’re sipping on hot chocolate with the family around

the fire, or sitting around the fire roasting chestnuts, beyond the

lights and glimmer, let’s not forget the true meaning for this season.

When all the gifts are opened, family from far or near are gone, it is

never wrong or too late to take time to reflect and see beyond

the glimmer.

~Yvonne L.









you reveal my dark side.

Your dimension overshadows the rays of my light. 


you represent the part of me that I desire to remain opaque. 

We are the same but different.


you are dark,

I am light.


` Yvonne L.


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word is (Shadow)


Light, images, people, everything is not what you see.

Light reflects, creates illusions, suggests clear is blue.

Light, people, images, everything is not what it seems.

People reflects, create illusions, suggest what is blue is



Images bring clarity to people- provides focus.

Light provides clarity to images.

People bring into focus what is- what is not.

Images, Light, People are suggestive – but



Images, Light, People define- but clarify

Light, images, people-  changes what you see clearly

Light, images, people- changes what you do not see

Light, images, people – They’re all distorted reflections

of Life


Yvonne L.