Unveiling Purpose

We were created intentional and purposeful. Today, I received this revelation in a way I needed it. When we downplay our potential or fail to walk in our purpose to please others because we do not want to be viewed as an overachiever, we’re denying the fulfillment of why we were created. We’re not aligning with our purpose. We are accommodating someone who fails to do the same- to make him or her feel comfortable. I’m on a journey to unveil my purpose. #UnveilingPurpose


Thanks A Mirage of Hope

Lyf Mindset Strategies



Every morning, with the aid of his walker,

the old man took his morning stroll.

To him, morning strolls meant more than

just a routine, they were his elixir.

Around the same time every morning

a stranger passed by him.

But, instead ofthe old man seeing the jogger,

he saw his shadow as a mirage of hope.

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If I Could Sing

I’ll admit I can’t sing as I desire, so

I’ll leave singing to those I admire.

I’ll just keep my dancing shoes on, and

I’ll do a little dance to R & B songs. 

But, if I could sing…

I’d sing when a song spring forth.

I’d sing out loud walking down the aisle.

I’d sing along with the sparrows when I wake up.

I’d sing with the crows until I fall asleep.

I’d sing gospel on weekdays. 

I’d sing songs of praise without a reason.

When I am happy, I’d sing the blues when sad.

I’d sing a little jazz, too. 

I’d write my own love songs to sing along.

I’d sing them acapella like a diva anywhere.

I’d sing in a crowd without anyone asking.

I’d sing karaoke at anyone’s request.

Oh, if I could sing, I would!

Brown Girls

Black Girls, Brown Girls, Dark Girls,

come in all shades of darkness.

Some in shades of Black, Brown,

Caramel, Red, and Yellow.

Some tall, short, round,

and some are thick, thin, and curvy.

Some are intellectual, musical,

inspirational, sensational, and motivational.

Some are mothers, sisters, grandmothers,

teachers, pastors, writers, artists, leaders,

executives, administrators,  friends, wives,

doctors, lawyers, scientists, entertainers,

athletes, CEOs, Congresswomen, and the

First Lady.

Some are hurt, rejected, segregated,

despised, hated, loved, celebrated,

liberated, married, divorced, single,

manipulated, encouraged, and discouraged.

Some have failed, in cells, been to jailed.

Some were burned, killed, raped, mutilated,


Some demonstrated, birthed nations, raised

their babies and other folks babies.

Some have long hair, short hair, curly hair,

nappy hair, kinky hair, wavy, and weaves.

Some are sometimes happy, sad, excited,

delighted, belligerent, diligent, militant,

anxious, suspicious, malicious, meticulous,

ridiculous, talented, creative, successful,

classy, sassy, talkative, sensitive, insensitive,

sensual, sexy, spiritual, holistic, charismatic,

charming, and gracious.

But, all of them know how it feels to be

a Brown girl.