Excuse Me – It’s Called a Tantrum

Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

Today is so different than when I was a

child. Nowadays, if you’re not satisfied

everyone knows it…


Please excuse me,

I’m just having a moment.

Things are not going my way.


I’m not happy

until I have my way.


Hmmm, in my day,

it was called a tantrum.

If you were with the sitter, acting out,

when she called mom,

all it took was that one phone call.

on the phone
Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

I remember the days when 

a trantrum was a trantrum.

Instead of getting even, 

lashing out or having a fit-

you straighten up, 

calmed yourself down

and acted rational. 

If not, there was a consequence.

It made you a 

grounded man or woman,

a respectable adult.

So, dear little ones

when things do not go your way,

act the way your mom and dad raise you.

Besides, your mom and dad would be proud.

Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

From what I see,

as I sit back and watch, 

it seems it’s easier nowadays for some

parents to get by 

letting you have your way.





These metaphysical walls are crashing,

diabolical illusions of destruction await me.

Psychotic thoughts control my brain mechanism.



I’m in the middle of changing the baby’s

diaper, can’t lose total control, yet!

The garbage needs to be taken out.

The garbage collector comes on Monday.

Random thoughts are causing me to smash

my head against these walls- they’re

invading my brains.

Looks like my brain is going dead.



Need to get some double AA batteries

for the flashlight.

I’m crying for help,

do you understand?

I’m about to lose it.



I can’t!

Need to cook breakfast.

The children are hungry.

Just burned the toast again.

I need to buy the baby’s milk.

I’m losing it.



Can’t give up yet.

Ashley will finish college soon.

Got to see her graduate.

I need to take some meds.

Can’t think straight now.

What did I do with those keys again?

It is 5:00 p.m?

I am late.

Almost forgot,

got to pick up Joe from work

where did the time go?



I still have some running to do.

Need to run on the track,

I mean by the store.

Got to pick up the baby’s milk.

I should run off this road and crash.

No, I can’t.

I didn’t pay the car insurance.

I feel like a nervous wreck.



Can’t lose it.

Still got to take out the garbage,

buy the baby’s milk,

see Ashley graduate,

pick up Joe from work.

I can’t lose it!