The Forbidden Feast



The table is prepared at the forbidden feast.

You are welcome help yourself.

The food is served to suit all suitors.

Wrong is right, right is wrong,

Right is right, wrong is wrong.

You are free to choose what you eat,

but remember, you are what you eat.

`Yvonne L


Daily Prompt Challenge – today’s word (Feast)


Frail but Strong



She stood frail while others listened attentively.

Her wisdom was beyond any physical weakness she might possess.

Many sought her to understand the world’s mysteries.

Some sought to tap into the cistern of her spirituality.

Her frailty was barely noticed because she was a mighty force.

She lived a life dedicated to those impoverished.

Her dedication and service were noticeably demonstrations

of love for all mankind.

Yes, she was frail but strong.


The Journey of Life

The Journey of Life
On the wings of life, I take flight.

Through airwaves of life, I fly free.

Through many doorways, I’m privileged to enter-

Words like Thank you, and you’re welcome, goes a long way.

Flights in life are a journey worthwhile.

Possessing morals and core values as compasses

are indisputably vital.

These contributing factors make me the person I am.

Morals and Core values provide many benefits and privileges,

they’re first class tickets to many places in life.


One life lessons I’ve been taught,

is to do unto others as I would have done unto me- and

not to do unto others as they have done unto me.

Understanding of this concept is no need for reservation-

it makes good sense, and it’s the right thing to do.

Doing what is right cuts down on drama,

and it prevents unnecessary delays.

`I’m not perfect, but my destination is headed that way-

without a sense of direction,

just where I will be?`

Perhaps, heading somewhere and wandering aimlessly.

So, as I travel on this life flight-

I’m thankful to be booked on this journey

I’ll keep in sight the lessons learned along the way

I’m putting my trust in grace to lead me home.