Keep Your Head Up!

(YouTube Video credit: Solange Knowles)

You may find yourself wandering through life without a sense of direction. You may find yourself trying “this or that” soon to find out “this or that” does not work.  Don’t give up, keep your head up and continue to hope for a better plan for your life. Change will come… just keep believing.

This video song by Solange, “Cranes in the Sky”, I keep on repeat in my play list. I was drawn to the song initially because of the instrumentals, but I soon discovered I like what the song represents. The song makes reference to the journey we often make trying different things in life, searching in different places but finding those places do not work.

Then, one day on the journey we learn it is not the things we were looking for outwardly which make things work, it is the potential which lies within us waiting for us to do the work. The reason is because the greater one lies within us. We have a wealth of potential inside waiting to manifest.

Remember my personal mantra, “you are enough!”

Keep moving forward. Keep your head up!