The Drive


Porsche Boxster, Boxster S

I took a drive down the California highway,

clear blue skies faded into the picturesque blue lagoons.

Destination miles far from sight were greeted

with winding roads and mountainous terrains

etched into the scenic views.

White seagulls cascaded gracefully across the gulf’s coast,

and the wild geese moved across the shores with agility.

The dolphins were playfully doing their aquatic dance.

Remnants of large boulders aligned sands of the coastline.

If only for a few hours, the drive along the scenic trail

was a mirage of peace on earth as spectators from different

walks of life sat peacefully on the shorelines

enjoying nature’s wonders.


~Yvonne L

Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word (Drive)

Natural Beauty

pic 3

Breathtaking scenes taken by me today from the Shenandoah Mountains  in Virginia. What man can lay claim on creating a beautiful landscape of nature’s wonders? What man can perfectly shape mountains of an elevation of over 4000 above sea level and surround them with  beautiful spacious trees that stands stately and form canopies across miles of treacherous and winding roads. What man can orchestrate an array of wild flowers to adorn its massive terrain?

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