If I Could Sing

I’ll admit I can’t sing as I desire, so

I’ll leave singing to those I admire.

I’ll just keep my dancing shoes on, and

I’ll do a little dance to R & B songs. 

But, if I could sing…

I’d sing when a song spring forth.

I’d sing out loud walking down the aisle.

I’d sing along with the sparrows when I wake up.

I’d sing with the crows until I fall asleep.

I’d sing gospel on weekdays. 

I’d sing songs of praise without a reason.

When I am happy, I’d sing the blues when sad.

I’d sing a little jazz, too. 

I’d write my own love songs to sing along.

I’d sing them acapella like a diva anywhere.

I’d sing in a crowd without anyone asking.

I’d sing karaoke at anyone’s request.

Oh, if I could sing, I would!

Keep Your Head Up!

(YouTube Video credit: Solange Knowles)

You may find yourself wandering through life without a sense of direction. You may find yourself trying “this or that” soon to find out “this or that” does not work.  Don’t give up, keep your head up and continue to hope for a better plan for your life. Change will come… just keep believing.

This video song by Solange, “Cranes in the Sky”, I keep on repeat in my play list. I was drawn to the song initially because of the instrumentals, but I soon discovered I like what the song represents. The song makes reference to the journey we often make trying different things in life, searching in different places but finding those places do not work.

Then, one day on the journey we learn it is not the things we were looking for outwardly which make things work, it is the potential which lies within us waiting for us to do the work. The reason is because the greater one lies within us. We have a wealth of potential inside waiting to manifest.

Remember my personal mantra, “you are enough!”

Keep moving forward. Keep your head up!


Mystical Music Land

mystical musical land
allure me into your
world charm me with
your whimsical touch
mesmerize me with
the strike of your cords
watch me dance
like a puppet
blow your horns,
boisterous, and clear
play your songs
while the fairies dance
raise your volume
high into the celestial
teach me your
minstrel ways
then send me home
with a crescendo

Now, I Know Why Doves Cry

Now, I Know Why Doves Cry



Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson), a musical genius, and humanitarian,

death saddens and shocks many.  All have an appointed time, but 

sometimes it’s difficult coming to terms when that time is for 

someone dear to us.  I choose to honor the memory of Prince, the

prodigy,  by trading my sadness for wonderful memories of the legend,

his life, and music.  Now, I know why doves cry. 


`Yvonne Lott

John Legend- Music Speaks

John Legend- Music Speaks

One of my favorite, talented, musical artists is John Legend. In my opinion, John Legend is a modern day musical genius.  Legend does more than write songs. He writes and sings songs with purpose. His lyrics possess meaning. Legend has the ability to capture the attention of lovers or teach historical truths to generations.

Recently, he and the artist/actor Common collaborated on “Glory.Glory is one of the songs used in the soundtrack of the Civil Rights movie “Selma.” Currently, Legend serves as one of the executive producers and is responsible for the music on the new series “Underground.” Underground is the backdrop to a sequel about slavery,

The opportunity to express versatility in different medians is one of the reasons I admire John Legend or any artist, writer or musician who dare to explore creativity in the use of their talent.

Legend projects agility in his work and a sense he understands music speaks. While others may feel the need to have their work fit into a certain genre or classification the works of Legend is demonstrative of his appreciation for diversity.

Legend owns his difference in style and conveys it with confidence. Therefore, his music easily compliments different genres.  Clearly, Legend knows who he is- and he has a vision for the path of his craft.  It is a path that is blazing trails and tearing down entertainment barriers.

By nature, Legend is a musician who skillfully crafts his songs. Possessing the mastery of sculpturing and tailoring his words suitable for any audience, his music expands cultures and generations. The reason may be partly because he is an English major with a concentration in African-American literature. In other words, he is making use of his knowledge and it shows in his music.

Among his growing plethora of songs, one of  his songs, “All of Me” is contemporary but speaks to any generation. This song beautifully conveys and depicts the genuine love between him and his wife Chrissy.  The lyrics to “All of Me” are pure and realistic. So much so, others have made this song and other Legend songs their relationship anthem.

If you’re an artist, whether you’re a writer, musician or skilled artist, do it with purpose. Use your talents even if the purpose is with only you in mind.  More than likely, you’ll obtain fulfillment. But, if you are an artist who understands the benefits of serving not only yourself but others, you’ll gain a sense of accomplishment in knowing your contribution make a difference enough to transcend and cross cultural boundaries.

What is Creativity?

What is Creativity?

Creativity is a place where we go in our mind, heart,

and soul to find the words, music, art, and creative expressions

to embody our discoveries.

Creativity allows us to share what’s discovered about ourselves.

It manifests itself in genres because its inspiration

and motivation are birthed from life experiences.

Creativity is fragments of our community, spirituality, and

politics sculpted in art form.

It is our outward expression of individualism-

and is a manifested gift to mankind.

Creativity is formed when inward expressions

can no longer be contained.

Creativity expands beyond space and time.

Its revolutionary process evolves

and transcends cultures.

Creativity entwines itself

into the fabric of substance.  

It builds bridges and close gaps-liberates, heals, and mends.

Creativity provides a means to escape from limitations.