Beautiful waterfalls flow into running rivers and streams

endlessly displaying natural adornment.

Carving their way meticulously through the crest of riverbeds,

they flow freely over the deep vertical drops.

The waterfalls  formed from the river’s upper course, then graciously

recedes steadily upstream revealing their undeniable beauty.

The Destination



Always galloping trying to reach the destination.

Often turning corners attempting to make the journey at ease,

stepping high, taking quick strides, and speed trotting-

But it seems at times moving forward is like moving backwards,

and gaining speed is moving too slow.

Always aiming to get there, trying to get it right,

thinking limiting all the wrongs would work-

but whether it’s all in stride, running free, or lagging behind-

keeping it moving and aiming for the end

 the destination is always a few miles away-

getting there is the race.

`Yvonne Lott

The Lost at Sea

The Lost at Sea

At the sea lost-

gushing winds howled

from the treacherous waves.

Sails forced to change its course-

fought against the raging sea.

Already gripped with fear-

those aboard the seafaring ship

boisterous waves threatened to overtake.

Fighting against the ravaging sea ghosts

seeking to claim their souls-

turbulent waves begin to cease

calmly surrendering them to safe.


~Yvonne L

Basic Instincts

deer in snow

Their snow kissed noses burrowed deep

into the weathered, fallen snow-

from the snow banks,

dangling ice crystals formed the flowery frost.

The evening brought illusions of daylight

peering through sun-kissed mirages-

tantalized by the streaming water particles

which caused their need to pant-

they sipped from melted water droplets,

and they grazed from blades of covered grass.

The blankets made from the Winter’s snow covered them-

and Hardwood trees provided their shelter.


` Yvonne L