Purple Rain – In Remembrance of Prince

Purple Rain – In Remembrance of Prince

Rain’s medicinal and calming effect

has a way of soothing the soul.

Pouring from the heavens-

rain reminds earth’s inhabitants

of its sacredness.

Prince’ saw rain as purple,

it’s befitting of his regal reign.

But, since the musical prodigy’s demise,

never will purple rain be witnessed again.

Instead of the purple rain, 

for many rain falls like tear drops.

To remind us of his life and legacy,

and to dignify his princely splendor-

purple clouds will hover over us.


~Yvonne L

In response to The Poets Billow 21 Day Challenge


Day 21 Poetry Challenge


Now, I Know Why Doves Cry

Now, I Know Why Doves Cry



Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson), a musical genius, and humanitarian,

death saddens and shocks many.  All have an appointed time, but 

sometimes it’s difficult coming to terms when that time is for 

someone dear to us.  I choose to honor the memory of Prince, the

prodigy,  by trading my sadness for wonderful memories of the legend,

his life, and music.  Now, I know why doves cry. 


`Yvonne Lott