Press Forward, No Time to Retreat



One of the infamous quotes from many of Dr. Martin

Luther King hold truth,  “If you can’t fly then run, If you can’t run

then walk, If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have

to keep moving forward.”

If you are living there is no time for stagnation. It’s easy

to retreat and allow life to pass you by, but if you do nothing,

you will receive nothing. Life is an active force. There is energy

all around us. It’s true, whether we see it or not, the laws of

attraction are in effect. We are affected by our actions.

One of the mantras I often use, “if you want change, then

you change.” If you want things to happen, then make

them happen! Do not retreat before time.  There is a time and purpose for all things. Stay mindful, timing is important!

Know when to rest or keep it moving!

Keep Your Head Up!

(YouTube Video credit: Solange Knowles)

You may find yourself wandering through life without a sense of direction. You may find yourself trying “this or that” soon to find out “this or that” does not work.  Don’t give up, keep your head up and continue to hope for a better plan for your life. Change will come… just keep believing.

This video song by Solange, “Cranes in the Sky”, I keep on repeat in my play list. I was drawn to the song initially because of the instrumentals, but I soon discovered I like what the song represents. The song makes reference to the journey we often make trying different things in life, searching in different places but finding those places do not work.

Then, one day on the journey we learn it is not the things we were looking for outwardly which make things work, it is the potential which lies within us waiting for us to do the work. The reason is because the greater one lies within us. We have a wealth of potential inside waiting to manifest.

Remember my personal mantra, “you are enough!”

Keep moving forward. Keep your head up!


I Am Enough


Today’s affirmation: “I am enough

Your uniqueness is designed with purpose

potential for greatness is inevitable.

You’re capable of accomplishing visions and goals

the greater one and keeper of your soul lives within you.

The blueprint others have for you will not fit you.

Do not try to fit into their plan. Be yourself. 

 Tell yourself, “I am enough.”

Whatever You Do, Do It Intentional



From the beginning, you were created with purpose. Purpose is the reason you exist. If you are living, you’re born intentional.  Your existence validates your significance, therefore you should dispel any doubts of feeling insignificant.  Once you realize your life matters, finding your purpose plays a crucial role in your journey.

When I started this blog, I started it intentional and with purpose. Although I am a fairly new blogger, I set goals for myself. I knew I wanted a blog which provides empowerment. I knew I wanted to keep my writing simple as possible, but I also wanted to find creative ways to provoke, incite, and challenge others to see life from different perspectives. I find if we only focus on what is in view, we are limited.  If our peripheral view expands, we can begin to understand the world and others better.


Knowing what you purpose is and cultivating it begins with passion. What are you passionate about? What motivates and captivates your interest? Whatever fuels you will become a driving force and more than likely lead you to your destiny. For example, I like to inspire and encourage others. I do it naturally and from the heart. I’ve been an encourager as long as I can remember. Empowerment and uplifting others are attributes of my purpose.

Your purpose may involve working nature or with people. You may have a passion or love for gardening, working with animals, teaching children, participating in sports, fitness, counseling others, serving others in the law or medical profession, or serving as a spiritual leader. You may have a way of reaching others in a manner no other individual can.  Whatever you do,  aim for purpose.


Phases are Necessary



Everything goes through phases whether we’re aware or not.  Even the moon has phases.  Phases of the moon are necessary stages in the earth’s rotation process.

The climate, tides, light, and gravity are some of the key elements associated with and are affected by the moon’s phases.


Just like the moon, women also go through phases in their pregnancy. Each month is crucial and plays a role in the developmental stage of producing a healthy baby.

The health of the unborn is jeopardize each phase isn’t complete. Closest to the end of the gestational period higher the likelihood of the survival rate.


Likewise, relationships and marriages experience phases. Prior to the marriage, the traditional courtship period generally leads to marriage.

Once married, the nestling stage begins with the newlyweds transitional bonding period followed by other marital phases.

During life, there are stages when certain events occur.  Some suffers loss, whether on jobs, loved ones, homes, or relationships. These occurrences can cause one to make adjustments because of unforeseen changes.

For example, a widower or someone suffering the loss of a loved one will need time to grieve in his or her way. The grieving process may require one  to go through bereavement on his or her terms.

A divorce may lead to phases of adjustments, uncoupling is a process. Some will need to adjust income, living arrangement, changes in the home dynamic and their new relationship status when these changes occur unexpected.

What about you? Have you detected or experience a significant or noticeable phase of changes? The challenge is many have not taken time to self-reflect or assess various changes. What phase are you in?


Phases are important and detrimental to growth. It’s never too late to start at any phase. You can start where you are in life by seeking ways to move forward or move out of situations.


There is a spiritual principle, it is also a proverb, which says, “without a vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). Without a sense of purpose and direction, you are simply existing, but you are not living a life of fulfillment.