A Weekend Chill

A casual kind of day is one unpretentious-

nothing more and nothing less.

No frills, no gimmicks, only spontaneity, and


A casual kind of day is one without expectations-

just living in the moment and losing inhibitions.

No drama, no frustrations, only peace, and calm.

A casual kind of day, we should have more of them,

because on those days, we get to be ourselves.

Embracing the Peace Within

A reblog from my previous post, it is prevalent for such a time as this.

Lyf Mindset Strategies


Oftentimes I’m told I am an encourager because I have the tendency to see the world frompositive perspectives, and I strive to get others to do so too. This isby choice. If you’ve followed my writings, you will realize I have an idealistic approach to society, but I am realistic.

I have a keen sense of awareness of world events and the devastations around the world. But, with so much emphasis on the prevalence of the calamities,I choose not to give too much energy and focus on those things.

Obviously, the world is not calm, the world does not stand still. It’s up to you toembrace peace. Choose to find solace in knowing peace is not external. Peace is quiet and still, it’s internal. You can live in a world of chaos and have peace within because peace is a state of mind.

One of my favorite quotes is from…

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In a Good Place


When you’re in a “good place”

you’re at your best.

You take things as they come and go.

You don’t “sweat the small things.”

Even if you do,

you’ve learned how to handle them and move forward.

Simply, you refuse to become a caretaker of grudges

or a conduit for drama.

In other words, you’ve learned to adapt to

and overcome situations

not nurture them.


When you’re in a “good place,”

it’s a place of contentment.

It’s not a final or desired  place of destination,

it’s a place to pause and get your bearings.

The “good place” is a place of knowing no matter what-

this soon will pass.

In this state, you possess a sense of peace regardless of

what transpires around you.

You feel childlike and carefree.


A “good place” is good.

‘It’s not a destination,

it’s part of the journey

for the soul.

`Yvonne L.