Winter Before Spring


When golden leaves fall nature begins to stir.

Summer transitions to Winter

and Winter coats are pulled from their resting place.

The Snow flurries turn the Earth cold.

Wild Animals return to their hiding places.

Fireplaces warm hearts while

campers roasting their marshmallows

sit around the campfire.

The Ski slopes filled with laughter and fun-

signal Winter is closing

and Springtime is near.

Two Roses


Two roses stood closely together-

fully bloomed and tightly formed.

In harmony, they stood-

together and strong.

No rodents, pestilence, nor seasons

could separate them.

The rain, snow, storms

and all elements came their way.

Together with resilience

they withstood the test of time.

Through nurturing, without prodding,

their petals were beautifully sprouted.

Continually, both grew

with beauty above the rest.

Their sweet fragrances penetrated the air.

The roses each blossomed without care.

Both roses were fertile and secure.

They stood poised to further endure.

Then one day someone came along

and picked one rose.

Now withered, exposed and shattered,

the one rose stands alone,

worn and tattered.

Four Seasons



Spring sun rays penetrate the fragrance of blooms

Winter images

Winter nights the moonlight shimmers at dusk        


Red, Gold, Brown, and Yellow Autumn leaves signal Fall.                                                

sunset hd wallpaper

Birds fly South in the Summer, warm hearts bask in the sun.