I Dare You



The most challenging dare

is not one that is risky or dangerous.

The most challenging dare

is one which challenges you to stretch

beyond the limitations to being the best you.

Give it a try.


`Yvonne L


Response  to the Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s word (Daring)

I Want…


I want to sail away in search of me.

I’ve lost myself along the way.

I want to find the person I really am.

I’ve been so many things to others.

I want to find my own voice,

I’ve lost it lending myself to others.

I want to know who I am destined.

I already know what I’ve been.

I want to learn to remain true to myself.

I’ve learned how to remain true to others.

I want to sail away and search deep within.

I want to know the person I’d discover.


`Yvonne Lott

She – Daily Prompt


  1. MASK#1

She wandered aimlessly trying to find her way, but now

she acknowledges life has finally taken its toll.

She ponders should she leave everything behind?

She contemplates should she stay and face her demons?

She has come to the crossroads of her life.

She can’t any longer avoid her feelings.

She accepts the things she dreads she must face…

She is ready to admit she isn’t the outgoing, confident,

the lady she always seems.

She confesses she is insecure and sensitive at times.

She acknowledges she doesn’t have it all together, and

She admits she fights off stepping in her shell

to retreat.

She also faces her challenges of feeling of abandonment,

rejection, and loneliness at times.

She is tired of living an image –

one she barely recognizes, so

She takes off her mask, and

She faces Herself.