Remove the Layers


Life is like a warm blanket wrap around a baby. From infancy until you become an adult, many expectations and preconceived notions of who are and what you should become are layers placed on you. Your parents are the first to layer you with expectations, family, and friends are among those who add additional layers. You then find yourself bombarded with expectations to comply to rather than conforming to your true identity.

Some of these layers are include questions and expectations such as: Where are you going to school? What do you want to be when you grow up? When are you getting married? When are you starting a family? These pressing questions may lead one to believe he or she must succumb to meeting the demands, therefore, therefore, he or she adds additional layers to meet such demands.

As one continues his or her journey, the journey continues, one may find himself or herself on the road to self-reflection and discover he or she has embraced an identity which does not reflect one’s authentic self. The reason is one have conformed to layers placed by societal expectations.

When one reaches this self-realization, like a baby wrapped in a warm blanket, he or she is no longer comfortable until some of the layers are removed. This is also considered the renewing of the mind.

The process of renewing the mind begins the process of reaching the inner core of one’s authentic self.

If we progress to this place, this is a good place- unless one returns to the original plan for his or her life, he or she will experience a void and sense of incompletion. The removal of layers process is necessary; otherwise, the desire to reach a place of refuge within will continue.

The old adage, “I feel comfortable in my skin,” is a place one can reach. It requires the renewing of the mind, but we all can get there.

Believe in Yourself!


As I’ve become older and more self-reflective, I’ve learned the differences in self-centeredness and self-reflection. Wisdom, in time, reveals growth. Producing growing requires willingness for open-mindedness and embracing new perspectives without biases.

Reaching a place of contentment necessitates open-mindedness to achieving comfort in a place where success is measured by accomplishment rather than need for validation.

Do you have any goals or dreams bigger than yourself? You should. Keep dreaming until you see the goals you desire manifested.

What stops us from achieving our goals? One reason, a lack belief in your in ability.  You will miss the mark sometimes, but it’s never too late to aim at the target again.

Awhile ago, I heard an instructor say, “children think they can and learn they can’t.” This is a powerful statement. It’s true, generally, children are fearless with minimal reservations about their inabilities. Most children innately doesn’t have a sense of boundaries. They are trained and taught their boundaries. For this reason, a small child would touch a hot stove, unless taught otherwise.

Like an eager child, you must renew your mind to develop a sense of inner-knowing, “I can” and resist the hesitation to retreat to saying “I can’t.”

Start the renewing process of believing in your potential. You can reach your fullest potential!

Believe in Yourself! Pursue your passion, dreams, and goals!





She wandered aimlessly trying to find her way.

She acknowledged-  life had finally taken its toll.

She pondered- should she leave everything behind.

She contemplated-  should she stay and face her demons.


She was at the crossroads of her life.

She couldn’t avoid her feelings any longer.

She accepted the things she dread…

She admitted wasn’t confident as she seemed.


She confessed- she was insecure and sensitive at times.

She acknowledged-  she didn’t have it all together.

She admitted- she didn’t know everything.

She discovered- she needed help herself.



She fought off stepping back in her shell to retreat.

She faced her challenges of feeling abandonment, rejection, and loneliness.

She realized she was tired of living an image that she barely recognized.

She took her mask off and faced the truth- she faced herself.



She – Daily Prompt


  1. MASK#1

She wandered aimlessly trying to find her way, but now

she acknowledges life has finally taken its toll.

She ponders should she leave everything behind?

She contemplates should she stay and face her demons?

She has come to the crossroads of her life.

She can’t any longer avoid her feelings.

She accepts the things she dreads she must face…

She is ready to admit she isn’t the outgoing, confident,

the lady she always seems.

She confesses she is insecure and sensitive at times.

She acknowledges she doesn’t have it all together, and

She admits she fights off stepping in her shell

to retreat.

She also faces her challenges of feeling of abandonment,

rejection, and loneliness at times.

She is tired of living an image –

one she barely recognizes, so

She takes off her mask, and

She faces Herself.