Old Man Winter


The White canvas of snow announced

old man Winter arrival.

He settled in to claim his territory.

His cold and chilling ways returned with a fervor.

Across the region he spread his White blanket.

He hung his crystalline participles on the tree tops.

His granular white substance formed

chandelier-like crystals of dangling snowflakes.

The snowflakes, flurries, and blizzards revealed

his strength and agility.

Although old man Winter never revealed his age,

like his return, he exited profoundly as visible

with vigor.


`Yvonne L.

Basic Instincts

deer in snow

Their snow kissed noses burrowed deep

into the weathered, fallen snow-

from the snow banks,

dangling ice crystals formed the flowery frost.

The evening brought illusions of daylight

peering through sun-kissed mirages-

tantalized by the streaming water particles

which caused their need to pant-

they sipped from melted water droplets,

and they grazed from blades of covered grass.

The blankets made from the Winter’s snow covered them-

and Hardwood trees provided their shelter.


` Yvonne L