Three Line Tales – Week 68

Three Line Tales, Week 68

Photo by Faustin Tuyumbaze via Unsplash

Together, submerged in the crowd, their educational goals were fulfilled because of their dedication, determination and hard work.

Sharing common bonds, shoulder-to-shoulder, unified and in harmony, each one looks ambitiously towards their future.

But, separately, each will walk away on a different path to his or her journey to success.

`Yvonne L.

(Response to the 3Line Tales)

Success is Always Waiting



I’m Success…

I’m on the other side waiting for you.

Just stick to your goals.

Yes, there are distractions along the journey.

You might get discouraged and face some obstacles.


Just keep moving towards me,

I’m waiting right here.

While on your way,

here are some suggestions, if I may…

Keep your focus.

Have a clear plan.

Prioritize, organize, and push your way.

Trust me when I say,

the struggle gets easier day by day.


But, in the end,

one valuable thing you can do,

be persistent,

it’s well worth your time.

Trust me,

I’m Success,

I should know.


If you don’t mind me offering you advice,

it may take a little time getting here,

please understand when you arrive,

although you did with diligence and

determination, be assured,  I’m not

a final destination.

There’s always more room for you,

there’s more levels for you to explore.




Today commemorate a milestone for me in a career move. It is another step in the right direction.  Milestones, what are stay? They are really reminders we have moved forward in achieving goals and aspirations. They’re not the finish line.  They’re markers.


For who are milestones? They’re for us. They remind us with persistence and determination we’ve the fortitude to accomplish what we start and go beyond.  Milestones, are they necessary?  Not really. Living life in the moment is a major occurrence, but it’s  nice looking back at them and seeing hurdles we’ve gotten over. It’s nice knowing the ones we’ll face are only stepping stones.


`Yvonne L


Small Steps Up Mountains


Here is a response to an invite by “Watching the Daisies” blog writing prompt. A brief synopsis of my return back to school journey as a non-traditional student. I have since completed and accomplished my goal. To those who are contemplating or if you are experiencing a sense of apprehension, it is never too late. More than likely, you are probably prepared more than you imagine.

Who or what inspired you to start the ascent? My small mountain was attending college and furthering my education after retirement. Since I decided to continue working in another career, attending school online was my preference. Online schooling presents its own challenges, but in addition to working and juggling study time other challenges occurred; then, add serving in the role of a caregiver. My inspiration was to accomplish my goal because furthering my education was something I laid aside earlier. I knew it was the right time to start again.

How did you break the climb into manageable bites? I decided not to reason why it was not the right time to return to school, and instead of reasoning, I  called the school to start the process. After work, I sat aside designated time and hours per weekday for studies. Time management was important. There were times I completed assignments ahead of time when I could to allow extra time for other things. I had to sacrifice some of my personal time or activities. My main objective was to stay focused. I had to climb mountains into manageable pieces even when I had a personal illness and death of family members.

Who supported you along the way? I had family members and co-workers sharing encouragement and motivation.

What have you learned? Never become complacent. Do not see yourself in a rut and not having the ability to get out of it. You can reinvent yourself, and there are other alternatives to your present moment. I have learned I or anyone can do what we set our minds to do. First, we must believe we can. The more I learned I can, the more I became self-confident. I learned about myself. I learned my level of commitment. I learned to see myself as a leader and not only one who follows.

What are you thankful for? I am thankful for challenges, overcoming them allows me to see I have tenacity and persistence. If I did not experience some challenges, I would not see my potential. I am thankful for an open-mind, a mind willing to learn, and I am thankful for a mind that can apply critical thinking. I am thankful for life, my family, and for having a sense of purpose. I am thankful I know who I am in Christ.

Is there any part of the journey you would have done different? No, if I had not done it this way, my journey would not have revealed to me who I am and what I am capable of accomplishing.