I Am a Survival



Who am I?

I am will and determination. 

I am success minus failure.

I am the sum of will-power.

I am the outcome of struggle.

I am the result of persistence.

I am the equivalent of destiny.

I am the opposite of a victim.

I am a survivor.


`Yvonne L.


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s response is (Survival)


Basic Instincts

deer in snow

Their snow kissed noses burrowed deep

into the weathered, fallen snow-

from the snow banks,

dangling ice crystals formed the flowery frost.

The evening brought illusions of daylight

peering through sun-kissed mirages-

tantalized by the streaming water particles

which caused their need to pant-

they sipped from melted water droplets,

and they grazed from blades of covered grass.

The blankets made from the Winter’s snow covered them-

and Hardwood trees provided their shelter.


` Yvonne L