Three Line Tales – Week 222

Photo by Ryan Hafey via Unsplash

Days gone by, these old headlights provided visibility. They lit the way when we were going places.

Nowadays, limited places to go, backed against mountainous challenges, the sense of direction is lost because each of the lights are out. We’re left in the dark.

Hopefully, tomorrow all prayers are answered and hope is fulfilled. Then, the light will illuminate the way again.

Three Line Tales – Week 124

Photo credit: Luis Alfonso Orellano via Unsplash

No one enters the same way he or she exits. The way one enters is not the same way one will come out.

No one entering in with expectations shares the same view as the one coming out with a different view.

No one entered on this side knows exactly what is happening on the other side.

Three Line Tales – Week Fifty-Five


Lift your hands to help me, not to cause me pain. Use your hands to hold me, not to slap me.

Use your hands to lift me up, not to weigh me down. Use your hands to heal me, not to  bury.

Use your hands for praise, not for strife. Use your hands for my bleeds, not to touch my wounds.