Old Man Winter


The White canvas of snow announced

old man Winter arrival.

He settled in to claim his territory.

His cold and chilling ways returned with a fervor.

Across the region he spread his White blanket.

He hung his crystalline participles on the tree tops.

His granular white substance formed

chandelier-like crystals of dangling snowflakes.

The snowflakes, flurries, and blizzards revealed

his strength and agility.

Although old man Winter never revealed his age,

like his return, he exited profoundly as visible

with vigor.


`Yvonne L.

Press Forward, No Time to Retreat



One of the infamous quotes from many of Dr. Martin

Luther King hold truth,  “If you can’t fly then run, If you can’t run

then walk, If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have

to keep moving forward.”

If you are living there is no time for stagnation. It’s easy

to retreat and allow life to pass you by, but if you do nothing,

you will receive nothing. Life is an active force. There is energy

all around us. It’s true, whether we see it or not, the laws of

attraction are in effect. We are affected by our actions.

One of the mantras I often use, “if you want change, then

you change.” If you want things to happen, then make

them happen! Do not retreat before time.  There is a time and purpose for all things. Stay mindful, timing is important!

Know when to rest or keep it moving!

Time, A Friend or A Foe



Every second, minute, and hour on a clock,

are either a friend or foe to you.

It’s up to you to make time of value.

You’re only given one chance to make it matter.

Tick, tock, tick tock,

foe or friend?

Time is moving along,

one day soon to end.

Stay in the moment.

Make each moment count.

It’s all you got.

It’s up to you.

What are you going to do?


Now, I Know Why Doves Cry

Now, I Know Why Doves Cry



Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson), a musical genius, and humanitarian,

death saddens and shocks many.  All have an appointed time, but 

sometimes it’s difficult coming to terms when that time is for 

someone dear to us.  I choose to honor the memory of Prince, the

prodigy,  by trading my sadness for wonderful memories of the legend,

his life, and music.  Now, I know why doves cry. 


`Yvonne Lott

Signs of How Times Change

Signs of How Times Change


Remember when buying Cola Colas was “dirt cheap”?

you get a crate for the price of what you pay

for 6 today… 

Coca cola

Or better yet, remember Gas stations were the first

one stop shops?

You could buy items under $5 including gas.

Now that’s really dirt cheap.


What about those haircuts?  Now, you can afford to get a hair cut a day

and your shoes shined if you pay  the price you paid during those day.


Remember the White high tops?

High tops

What about those Buster Brown shoes?

If you like me, you had them in every color.

Buster brown shoes

Shoes like those lasted a long times, today,

it’ll save a few hundreds every few months

if you give up those Nike’s…


I know this car is still sitting

in someone’s yard, that’s how

good the products were…

if someone hit this one,

it will not easily bend

or fold like the  ones today.


Remember way back when record players

were cheap and you bought vinyl

albums all the time?  Well today, you hardly can

afford one cd at a time and don’t consider

the cost of today’s technology.

vintage watch

My oh my, how time has changed. Life was

simple.  You wore two sets of clothes because you

didn’t want the good  ones to get dirty. Prices were

dirt cheap and words to songs were not

considered dirty.