Mountaintops Are Places You Can’t Stay


Some days you may start out feeling you’re on the top of the world.  The world’s view is clear.  You only see mountaintops. But, in reality,  there are valleys below.  Mountaintops are far from your start, they are places you can’t stay.

Never allow mountaintops too serve as a place of complacency or settle for mediocrity.  If you’re wise, you’ll realize, reaching the top is more than a place of accomplishment, it’s knowing the climb was worth it.


Just a Thought:  A sign of wisdom is what one does in his or her lowest state. He or she who strives to be seated in high places are liken to a baby seated in a high chair until the age of maturity. But, he or she who has the ability to be seated at the table among others in humility and grace is one who processes maturity.


Come Alive Dry Bones!


dry bones

In this desolate place, hot, dry,

and without water,

the desert provides no nourishment

and offers no vitality.

Dead men walking with no life are useless.

Hear the clarion cry,

wake up, live!

Connect your bones to the body,

Connect your bones to the earth,

Connect yourself to all inhabitants!

Come together and reason together!

Live, dry bones live!

Breathe new life,

not death.

Receive new hope,

Receive the breath of life.

Shake off your malice!

Shake off your strife!

Receive the living water of life.

These dry bones can live,

even in a desert

or in the midst of desolation.

Open your cistern,

allow the balm of Gilead

to heal you.

Be healed!

Come alive!


Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge (Desert) – Inspiration Ezekiel 37:1-14