A Salute to Bloggers


Bloggers do not always get their deserved recognition for providing others resourceful information. Not only are bloggers creative, they are unselfish, dedicated, passionate, visionaries, and motivators. Many are from various walks of life. They generally do not allow their cultural difference whether philosophical, political, or religious to affect the way they demonstrate transparency, candor, vulnerability, honesty, un-bias perspective, and wisdom.

Whenever time allows, take a little more time in a supportive effort to show appreciation, spotlight, comment on, or inform others of a noteworthy blog or writer you admire. After all, in the blogging community we are all in this together. We share a common cause and are inter-related more than we realize.

I’m reaching new levels and broadening my vision. Like Jabez, I’m claiming new territories in 2017. I’m aiming toward endless possibilities!

Yvonne L.

Imagine This…



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream.

What if you could dream and your vision came true…

Would you dream big enough to move mountains

and accomplish the impossible?

Would your dream hold the key to reveal secrets

of medical mysteries and cures?

Would your dream be the catalyst for

world peace and unity?

Would your dream provide a beacon of hope

and leave a legacy of a better world?




~Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge- Today’s word is (Vision)

My Words – My World- My Declarations


In my world, I’ve never been the type of person believing the things I want to accomplish I couldn’t.  If someone has accomplished it, then it’s possible. Therefore, it might necessitate finding a way to accomplish it my way.  Maybe this is the origin of my creativity. One of my niches is having the ability to see depth in simplicity.  My thoughts rise above naysayers doubt- Belief in myself fuels me with the belief I can.

I am aware I think like an idealist at times,  but I’m wise enough to face the reality the world is not pure.  I find although blogging is new for me, blogging offers an opportunity to express my creativity.  After writing some years now, my initial purpose for writing was more from a recreational perspective. However, soon I have realized there is a need to fulfill a purpose of allowing my writing to empower myself and others.

The honor of walking across a stage to receive a literary Pulitzer Award or having my name branded as a household word like the poet Maya Angelou may never occur. Gaining a large audience and having the world pat me on my back are not what I seek. The Social media standards of popularity by acquiring high numbers of likes or the opportunity to boast massive followers are not my aim either. There are some who will never know of my existence or prefer my words but to become one single voice among many by making a positive difference is my  ultimate desire.

In my world, a place beyond mediocre to excellence, I desire to write inspirational words which linger.  In my world, writing words seasoned with substance and deep enough to take root are of importance. I won’t use words to incite hate and use craftiness to degrade others. I will find ways to engage others and continue to aspire to find words that penetrate hearts, stimulate, and challenge minds- thus, spark transformations.

In my world, I don’t purport to be a magician. My words aren’t birthed from arrogance or manipulation. But if I was a magician, my words would bring healing and relieve others from their toxicity.  My words would have the potency to shed light on truth and open eyes blinded to injustices.  In my world, my words would lift others out of deep holes and change hearts of stone to flesh.

This is a declaration. These are words of affirmation- my words are expressed from a place where they can flow freely from societal expectation.  My source of inspiration is from a higher level where faith in words is true.  The place where words framed this world- and words have power.

For this reason, I am careful, and I am conscious of being a good steward of what I say because I know words paint images- and the images I desire for others is to see hope.


`Yvonne L