The Forecast of Life


We’ve  heard the saying,  “we can choose either to see

the glass half full or half empty.”

The reality is- we’re in control of our life perspectives.

Life is how we choose to see it.


Our life perspectives are our thermostats-

life perspectives forecast our outcome.`


Either we choose to see life positively,

or we see life negatively.

Either we focus on the results we desire-

or we our focus on the results we don’t desire.

Our cloudy days rain on our parades,

or our cloudy days cause us to prepare for sunshine.`

In other words, on gloomy days are we feeling gloomy?

or on our gloomy days are we waiting for the sun to shine again?

It’s up to us- we can’t control how life unfold,

but, we can control how we see it unfold.

What’s the forecast for you today?