There you go again,

always assuming,

not really knowing.

Think you know me,

you’ve me figured out?

You didn’t figure in

I’ve a few moves,

I know how to shuffle

even when I’m not dancing.

Just when I’m almost boxed

into the package you wrapped,

I find ways to come out on top,

not with a pretty bow but

will-power and determination.

I re-invent myself,

a little venting here and there.

I bet one day you’ll learn not

to make too many assumptions

and underestimate my ability to grow.

You see,

from your viewpoint, I grow in spurts

by the time you see growth,

you’d assume I’m in that place

before you realize differently

I’ve grown in another.

Keep assuming

what you think you know.

The assumption is-

you assume you know me.

But, the reality is-

I know who I am.

I am

an unstoppable force.