The World isn’t Changing

Today I heard someone say the world isn’t changing,

it is the people.

This saying is true.

It’s the people who are changing in this world.

So, I have a question.

What type of person are you?

Do you make a difference?

Do you impact the world in an empowering way?

What deposits are you making?

If the world was a reflection of you

what would it look like?

False Perception – False Security



In the wake of racial and social tension across this nation one of the systemic factors is fear of the unknown. Those who fear do not have a desired sense of security, regardless of the origin of fear.

Possessing a false perception of perceived threat can perpetuate the need of false security. Either the sense of security leads one feeling secure or the sense of vulnerability leads one fearful and  insecure. In these instances, both are false perceptions.

Security is not a surety or a guarantee, it only offers a sense of well-being. Fear is often connected to perception and is not always based on reality.

So, what does one do without security? Should one react to protect him or herself? Of course, but the question more importantly, what’s the best recourse of action to ensure protection?

The truth is, rendering evil for evil equals evil and this is not the solution. It does not produce the solution but exasperates the problem.

Demonstrating empathy and kindness towards victims of despicable acts of racism and terror alone will not provide the solution to change the forces of evil, but it will impede the spread of infectious evil forces.

Well, what is the answer? There is NO single answer to systemic and complex problems. There is  need for collaborative efforts of individuals sharing differences to ensure all benefit in a created assimilation of security. In other words, there is more need to “reason together” instead of generate efforts to “divide asunder.”

Overall, there are benefits of laying aside the perception of “what appears” and become better informed of “what is.” There is more strength in unity than separate disparities of individualistic thinking.

It’s time to join forces in unity with those sharing like-minds, and in time, divisiveness is dispel and helplessness can dissipate. Only then can security become a reality not in appearance only.