The Worldview

In any society worldview is important. Individualism and personal experiences shape social, political, and spiritual perspectives. The worldview can amplify clutter and chaos if there is not a healthy outlook on life.

Chaos and clutter are generally an indicator of dysfunction of some type. Oftentimes, unbeknownst to those in the midst, one might view chaos and clutter in his or her environment as normal. Of contributing factors, the beholder’s perception, more than likely, prohibits him or her ability to distinguish between normalcy and abnormality.

So, what is chaos? Chaos is disorder, loss of control, and confusion; it’s a disruption from the natural order. Chaos creates an upheaval and causes commotions. Likewise, clutter is a state of disorder, disorganization, and messiness.

Some individuals think they’re exempted from chaos and clutter. They might think chaos and clutter are only tangible or the persona of a disorderly room in the house or office.

Look around you. Look at the world. Look at your life. Look at the community where you live. Look within.

What is your worldview? How you see the world provides insight about you. ‘

Have you considered what you see or perceive is not always factual?

Often worldview perspectives are shaped by philosophical, scientific, moralistic, and spiritual beliefs. Some are derived from geographical limitations and barriers. These limiting factors are systemic indicators “what you see is not all there is to see.”

Currently, reportedly close to 7.8 billion people inhabits the world. This number will increase or grow, but provides insight how vast the world’s population. It’s indication an individual can not singly define the world’s perspective. One can’t adequately explain and describe the experiences and individualism of others.

For this reason, one should have willingness to demonstrate an appreciation of different perspectives, but stay mindful, we are interrelated more than we realize. Let’s see the world together.

3 Line Tales – Week Forty-Three


Photo credit: Sandis Helvigs via Unsplash

Although she wore a black rain jacket, she doesn’t fade into nature’s back drop of life.

Her face isn’t completely hidden. A single leaf will not shield her from challenges.

She thinks she stands alone but there are others standing in the very same place.

IF I Could Soar

IF I Could Soar

If I could soar,

I’d do it in a hot air balloon.

If I could soar,

I’d see all of nature’s wonders.

If I could soar,

I would soar to the heavens

and see the worlds below.

If I could soar,

I’d soar to freedom and touch the sky.

If I could soar,

I’d soar peacefully among others

soaring from their worldly cares.


Black Angel

Black Angel




Black Princess


without blemish

unscathed by hatred

still sees the world

from untainted eyes-

blinded from injustices

too young to know

the world will turn cold

I envy you-

purely unaware

the pigmentation

of your dark skin

will cause some

to look

into your beautiful eyes

and never

see your


your innocence

I envy.